Sunday, April 29, 2012

Research Blog Final Abstract & Bibliography


This research explores wether community colleges are playing a useful role in higher education and our economy. Obama supports community colleges and has a plan to help them enhance thier programs to implement more skilled workers into our industry jobs on our shore, but as of right now I feel that community college is still not the path that every prospective student should take. Yes, they are more affordable, but I have found that many community college students do not go on to get their Bachelors degrees after community college comencement. These students who start out at the two year schools are also not being prepared for a university workload. It is better to have a community college degree than no degree at all, but if a student has the oppurtunity to start out at a four year school, they should do so. Four year university natives make more money than those who went to community colleges, and recieve an overall better education. Community colleges are an important tool to providing more people in our country with an affordable education, but I feel that they do need to be improved upon in areas of trasnfer assistance.


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